What We Do

We use food trucks to connect communities and create unforgettable experiences. You never know who you might bump into or who you might meet over a bowl of pasta or enjoying an ice cream with the kids.

All types of trucks. All types of food. All types of events for all types of people!

Food brings people together in a way that very few things can. Great food is universal. The live music at our gourmet events adds to the vibe and we love to share in the golden moments when the little ones get up and dance along to the music.

Memories are created with great food, laughter, sunshine and smiles.

Most businesses have one group of customers, but we have two groups we must keep happy. The end consumer – people with hungry bellies who want a variety of tasty fresh foods to choose from and the food truck vendors. We service the wider community and now take trucks out into the community, serving regional areas such as Cambridge, Tamahere, Te Kowhai, Ngahinapouri, Pokeno and Rototuna.

Great food and community

Community is at the heart of what we do. We connect people over food and conversation. Our food truck vendors are regularly moderated to make sure they are compliant, and the food and presentation is of a high quality that we are willing to put our name to. This ensures we look after you – the customers. We also ensure there is a variety of foods available, so you can choose what you want, without compromise.

We ensure the people behind the food trucks are the right fit for us and what we are trying to achieve – customer focused. If one of our vendors gives customers an unpleasant experience, then that reflects badly on the whole experience.
And that is the last thing we want!

We want every customer to walk away with a smile on their face and wanting to come back.

Looking after food trucks

We have regular events over winter as well as summer, ensuring our vendors are kept busy and benefit from having a regular income through our events and bookings, year-round.

We support Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Auckland-based food truck vendors by giving them a range of events. They book what events they want to attend, and we help increase their income.

We match the right food truck vendors for the right event. If you need a food truck for your next event, then complete the form in "contact us" and we will be in touch.