Our Company

Food Truck Events bring you events where you can choose from a variety of food options. Whether it be 5 or 6 local trucks at a local school, through to our bigger events where we have over 25 trucks each week. We operate in local community settings and specialise in combining the right selection of trucks for any event.

We will be the best people to work with, within the Food Truck industry. Whether you are a client that needs a food truck or a food truck that needs work, we will be the channel.

Our events include:

Gourmet in the Gardens at Hamilton Gardens: We think this is the best quality food market in New Zealand (we may be a little bias), offering over 25 gourmet food options, live music and located in the Internationally acclaimed Hamilton Gardens.

Gourmet Night Market: Mt Maunganui (Coronation Park): Offering a variety of foods, sun (most of the time), and live music in the heart of Mt Maunganui.

Street pop up events: We bring food trucks to numerous local communities once a week, so they do not have to travel into town to enjoy a range of foods at their convenience.

Our Story

November 2015 saw the first Gourmet in the Gardens at the Hamilton Gardens. Starting with a big crowd and only 17 food vendors.

Because of the large turnout, the event was moved into a bigger space for the rest of summer, which has been its home since – the Rhododendron Lawn. We now average 28 trucks each event and have thousands of people attending each Sunday afternoon.

Bringing our events outside of Hamilton started in 2016, firstly to Te Awamutu and then to Lake Karapiro. Gourmet Garage at Claudelands was bought about to help bring food truck vendors income over winter. The love of food choices at events has resulted in a contract to Seddon Park cricket in Hamilton and Bay Oval in Mt Maunganui to help provide the best selection of food at these events.

Along with the cricket, the Mt Maunganui expansion has now included almost 50 trucks for New Year’s Eve events, and the regular Gourmet Night Market at Coronation Park supplying 25 Trucks on a Friday evening over summer.

We have been innovative in trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible, in 2018 introducing the Silver Service Caravan to reduce waste at our events. Customers can hire cutlery and crockery to use instead of using disposable items, before returning it to the caravan where it is washed and reused. This eliminates the need for disposable containers, plates and cutlery used at events.