Toro Churro


Churros – the delicious snacks that originated in Spain – are enjoyed all over the world, and now NZ!
In Spain and Latin America, churros are enjoyed at breakfast with hot chocolate or coffee, or at the end of a big night! Accompanied by chocolate or caramel, they can’t be beaten for dessert!
Toro Churro’s Spanish doughnuts are golden-fried, fresh to your order. Available in various portion sizes, you can enjoy them drizzled or with a pot of delicious hot dipping chocolate or real dulce de leche caramel.
Try Toro Churro’s jumbo churro filled with thick, gooey caramel.
Toro Churros are made to a traditional recipe, using only natural ingredients, no preservatives and no additives.
We only use canola oil to ensure you can enjoy a crispy, light churro.


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