Barrio ad Rye


Barrio Cart:
Mexican cuisine is just as vibrant, full of life, and tantalising as the country it comes from. With such refreshing, full-body flavours, Mexican food seemed like the perfect pairing with New Zealand’s fresh ingredients. Mouths watering with this vision, we created Barrio Brothers. Meaning ‘neighbourhood’ in Spanish, our barrios were created to bring this love of food and life to the Bay, and to create the joy of a meal shared. There’s nothing we love more than seeing tacos flying out the door!

One customer said we put her in a “happy food coma.” We’re taking that as a win y’all. Our RYE Bar & Grill Americana classics, from Buttermilk Fried Chicken to Smoked beef brisket, will have you saying, “YES MA’AM!” No matter what your belly desires, you’ll find it served with a side plate of good ol’ Southern hospitality. We’re ready for y’all. Grubs up.


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